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Célia draws on her deep expertise in digital transformation, consumer strategy, technology and marketing to help Investors, Chairs, Boards, CEOs and Executives identify core strategic challenges clearly.

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Digital Advisory Services 

+ Working with Exec teams to build execution and implementation capability, taking a holistic approach to how people, process, culture, data and sustainability underpin any successful transformation


+ Stress testing your digital transformation strategy and implementation plans

+ Supporting the evaluation of digital transformation strategies proposed by external consultants 

+ Building digital capabilities among the Exec team – helping them speak the language of digital 

Assessing digital capabilities and talent

+ Supporting the process of hiring digital talent

+ Future proofing your business with visibility of new, emerging technologies

+ Digital due diligence as part of a transaction

Length of engagement

Engagements are typically for a fixed period of time based on pre-defined objectives, with the structure tailored to each organisation's requirements, which could include:

+ Hands-on workshops for Boards and Executive teams covering a range of strategic topics - from sensemaking with technology and building inclusive talent and teams to building and assessing digital transformation strategies

+ Brainstorming sessions covering new, emerging technologies and the opportunities for your business 

Get in touch to set up an introductory call to find out how Célia can help your business.

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